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buying a new home

Buying A New Home


Buying a new home is both an exciting and stressful time in your life! You have to figure out what to do with your existing living space, whether it be a tiny apartment with a restrictive lease or your first home. You will need to coordinate moving with accordance to closing, among various other important steps involved with relocating.

There are many phases to purchasing a home, and oftentimes each stage can take a while. Whenever paperwork, inspections, or financial transactions are involved, it can mean long wait times. To avoid frustration during your experience, read up on some of our home buying tips below and stay informed about the process as much as possible. 


1. Get It In Writing – If you are purchasing a home based on a feature such as a pool, shed, patio area or another amenity, it is important to get it in writing before closing the deal. If you are waiting on a pool to be built but you want to make sure it is included in the cost of the home, have your builder put it in writing. Make sure you know who is picking up the tab for these features before signing anything.

2. Additional Options for Financing – Many builders work with banks, which means you may be able to receive financing options that otherwise would not be available to you. Although you might preferably want to get a prequalified lender of your own choosing before you start looking for a home on the market, it might be more useful to consider your builder financing options to get a better deal than with your own lender.

3. Know Your Warranty – A warranty can mean that the builder will come back and fix any problems that may occur due to faulty craftsmanship or issues beyond your control. Although some experts may claim that you won’t have this issue in an existing home, it is beneficial to read and understand exactly what the warranty covers and how long it is valid. Since warranties vary widely, be sure to read the fine print. Be sure to note who backs the warranty, whether it be a builder or a third-party company. 

4. And More! – If you want to know more insider secrets, get in touch with us today. Our professionals would be happy to discuss the process with you and show you the wonderful homes we have built.

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